It’s rather unfortunate to how DotA went from “what thing Sebastian plays and makes him forget about me but that’s okay because I like to ignore him sometimes too” to “Sebby wanna play DotA with me, wanna wanna wanna” or “I have down time! Let’s play with some bots and maybe at least make a kill” (since I’m very new to DotA and embarrassingly new to video games in general)

  • person: but what if your parents had aborted YOU
  • me: well okay for starters i wouldn't have been forced to hear that stupid ass comment you just made

It’s always a bummer to think about how much further I could have gotten this summer with fitness, health, working out, being less “squishy” if I only had more discipline and:

- gave less excuses for not wanting to swim and swam more
- same goes for running. I know cardio isn’t everything but I could have done with more fat-burning cardio
- drank more water and way less of anything not water (from coffee to juice and everything in between)
- ate out way less often, especially the dessert places, even though those were the BEST
- used less rice and noodles when making dishes and more vegetables (I’m a big carb eater to the point of unnecessary)

Why is it that people are willing to spend $20 on a bowl of pasta with sauce that they might actually be able to replicate pretty faithfully at home, yet they balk at the notion of a white-table cloth Thai restaurant, or a tacos that cost more than $3 each? Even in a city as “cosmopolitan” as New York, restaurant openings like Tamarind Tribeca (Indian) and Lotus of Siam (Thai) always seem to elicit this knee-jerk reaction from some diners who have decided that certain countries produce food that belongs in the “cheap eats” category—and it’s not allowed out. (Side note: How often do magazine lists of “cheap eats” double as rundowns of outer-borough ethnic foods?)

Yelp, Chowhound, and other restaurant sites are littered with comments like, “$5 for dumplings?? I’ll go to Flushing, thanks!” or “When I was backpacking in India this dish cost like five cents, only an idiot would pay that much!” Yet you never see complaints about the prices at Western restaurants framed in these terms, because it’s ingrained in people’s heads that these foods are somehow “worth” more. If we’re talking foie gras or chateaubriand, fair enough. But be real: You know damn well that rigatoni sorrentino is no more expensive to produce than a plate of duck laab, so to decry a pricey version as a ripoff is disingenuous. This question of perceived value is becoming increasingly troublesome as more non-native (read: white) chefs take on “ethnic” cuisines, and suddenly it’s okay to charge $14 for shu mai because hey, the chef is ELEVATING the cuisine.

--One of the entries from the list ‘20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World (But Nobody Will Say)’. 

1. Homemade ramen at the beginning of the summer

2. Ramen with pork from Yume Wo Katare

3. Homemade ramen by the end of the summer. Look at how super healthy it is! All that bok choy and mushrooms and carrots and peas…

Makoto Azuma Uses the Stratosphere as a Backdrop For His Latest Floral Art

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Things to work towards:

  • Dr. Martens 1460 boots
  • More boots
  • Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens 

Large expenditures coming up soon:

  • Sorority dues, holy cow so expensive
  • Heels because recruitment (I can’t find any, help)
  • Pressies
  • Sweaters?? 

I meant I wasn't hungry...

  • Mom: do you want a peach?
  • Me: no thanks!
  • Mom: *comes up to my desk five minutes later with strawberries*

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I’ve been home for three days and already all the progress I’ve made from working out all summer is gone. It’s a combination of five hour plane ride, three hour car ride, and all the unhealthy food both from the trip and travelling (too much pizza and noodles) and from home (where I’m not allowed to eat a portion that I want to eat, and must eat at least a lot more, and where my mom keeps hurrying me through the work outs I’ve found work for me so I can’t do it all because “you need to go to bed, you need to eat some more food”). I wish I could see my abs again…

My mother believes that four towels are required for a shower.

1. The actual towel you use to dry off your body
2. Another towel to dry off long hair
3. ANOTHER towel to dry off long hair
4. And a towel to dry off your FEET

Not to mention the towel-y mat you put on the floor that I decided to not count as a towel so as to not make mother seem too crazy

I want to take pictures of people and things and pretend they are awesome and then I want to actually learn and practice how to take pretty pictures of people and things so they will actually be awesome. And then I want to set up pictures of people and learn about lighting and if photoshopping is a thing so I can make pictures moody and happy because I like keep records of life. I use to be all about no pictures all words! But now I cannot write and I have a kick ass camera (for an amateur like me) so I might as well take pictures of all the people in my life so we can slowly grow old and take more photos and grow older and have photos. I also really need to print some out.  

Dropbox: 18.3 GB
VirtualBox BM: 9.2 GB
Steam: 10.4 GB
Pictures: 23.3 GB

No wonder I only have 20 GB left on my computer harddisk T_T