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Well, I reinstated my photo queue for at least the next month. This means I must actually write things so I don’t end up having a complete photo blog. I do have a lot of things to rant about, including people who use a “default” excuse over and over again instead of up right just saying “I don’t want to do it” and friends who are so in love with free things that if you’re randomly going to order something to eat, half the time they’ll be like “are you going to finish that?” or “can i try some of that?” (which are completely valid questions…. occasionally if you’re hungry and broke and desperate, but definitely not fine every day, etc etc. 

Limiting Rights: Imposing Religion on Workers

The Supreme Court’s deeply dismaying decision on Monday in the Hobby Lobby case swept aside accepted principles of corporate law and religious liberty to grant owners of closely held, for-profit companies an unprecedented right to impose their religious views on employees.

It was the first time the court has allowed commercial business owners to deny employees a federal benefit to which they are entitled by law based on the owners’ religious beliefs, and it was a radical departure from the court’s history of resisting claims for religious exemptions from neutral laws of general applicability when the exemptions would hurt other people.

The full implications of the decision, which ruled in favor of employers who do not want to include contraceptive care in their company health plans, as required by the Affordable Care Act, will not be known for some time. But the immediate effect, as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted in a powerful dissent, was to deny many thousands of women contraceptive coverage vital to their well-being and reproductive freedom. It also invites, she said, other “for-profit entities to seek religion-based exemptions from regulations they deem offensive to their faiths.” …

I’ve mentioned that the showers in the bathroom of the dorm I’m currently living in just for the summer has lights that are timed for a maximum of thirty minutes, right? (And the switch is way outside of the shower) So I’ve also probably mentioned that my showers are pretty quick and range between 10 to 20 minutes so I never have to worry about the timer. But my friend in my same suite told me that she’s taken to showering in the gym because not only does the gym have super nice shower heads (rainfall style!), but she has the problem of taking too long in the shower and the light has a 50-50 chance of going off when she’s still in there… I’m not too sure how I feel about this: a long shower is nice, but I really don’t know what you can be doing for thirty minutes alone in a shower, especially an icky dorm shower…

You then Control C out
You try to git revert
And you move commits around
Your work is hokie-pokie
and your changes aren’t found
That’s what it’s all about!

Danny Ben-David, some random friend’s friend on facebook.

Good grief git.

Where Are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE D3/SVG data visualization graphs, especially from New York Times (since the guy who wrote d3 works for nytimes now). Omg omg omg data ecstasy. 

I’ve never shared a dorm suite with guys until this summer (yeah, girl-only dorm problems) and one of the grossest things I’ve seen so far, aside from bright yellow pee sitting unflushed in the urinal, is all the chunks of black fuzzy stuff in the sinks that turn out to be hair from shaving? At least I think it’s hair because I can’t think of a better explanation and while the amount of black-brown fuzzy grossness ebbs during the day due to hand washing, the next morning, it’s all out in full force and I think by this point, since the sink is all grimy with or without the hair, the fuzz just sticks to the sink and it’s like a permanent thing that plain faucet pressure can’t fix (and no, I’ve been too busy to take a sponge to it… and really, it’s not my job to clean up after people, and I’ve been just living with the grossness currently and not complaining to the people making the mess)

The last two weeks of summer have been super intense. Every morning, I get into “work” at 9 am, and well, the first two weeks was considered “bootcamp” and so from 9 to 12, we have three hours of lecture and programming, and then from 1 to 5 we had more programming, along with group meetings and code review. 

Aside from work, I either eat or exercise or sleep or surf the internet. 

Currently, I’m somehow super excited to go shopping for outfits that everyone is going to wear for recruitment. Finally I get to buy some closet staples that I’ve never had before?? And some extra things.. and some things I really should have bought earlier, like a white dress…Anyhow, things I need to go shopping for:

  • White dress
  • White shorts 
  • Nude heels 
  • Pastel dress
  • Cork wedges

Yay life is fun as a girl. 

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Amazing macro photography by Wil Mijer

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