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c o m e  s p i r i t , help us sing the story of our land

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When you’re playing DotA and your team is losing so so badly and getting your ass handed to you even though the number of kills at 20 minutes in was completely even (and really high) and there is an obviously very good Bloodseeker on your team who has gotten probably 80% of the kills but then Bloodseeker starts to complain a little bit about “the lack of team work” and then this random Abbadon is like “yeah I’ve done all this work and where were most of you??” and Axe is like “holy shit I need to buy this and that and we can do it!”. Then it’s just me and Mirana who hasn’t said anything and so I go “we’re trying!” and Abbadon just goes at me ranting via the stupid team chat about how we can’t let the other team feed even more  and I’m just like “I’ve died 4 times” which really means “I’ve died 4 times v. your 14 times and v. Axe’s 19 times” and sure I haven’t gotten too many kills, just like 5, but 20 assists isn’t too bad either?? 

And Mirana is just going at it doing her own thing. Looking at the stats later, I was came in third for experience per minute and gold per minute and Bloodseeker was 1st, but it was Mirana second and Abbadon could go die in a hole since that’s literally all he and Axe did, though Axe was nice about it so he can go die in a coffin.

Even in stupid video games it’s like the gender of the character somehow affects some game dynamics. Okay, not really, but in this game, all the male characters were loud and vocal and obnoxious and two-third of theme didn’t even have anything to be boastful about. 

Regarding Ascending Mount Monroe

New Hampshire

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The question I’m asked most often as a defense attorney is whether I can tell if my clients are innocent or guilty.

I don’t care.

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photography by reuben wu

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What is a big first world problem?

When your dorm room has too many power strips and you also have too many wires so every day when you’re walking around barefoot in your room you end up stepping on them and it HURTS. 

Friday nights are my grading nights. As in, grading all the psets. 100 down, 50 to go… 

I wish that you’d come here and hang out and party with me again…. But this dumb school also more or less locked down on all the parties so yeah, there’s almost nothing to do here but sit in my room and I know, I know, you have better things to do than that. But it’s very sad hearing about all the fun things you’re doing and yes, I’m glad you’re having so much fun and you have so many friends and an amazing social life, but I wish I could be having fun with you and doing things with you too and I would totally go there though I’ve tried and it does get a bit weird since you have roommates and all and you know that too. Plus I don’t want you to spend all your time on transportation and waiting and wasting your own time coming here and heading back. Sometimes I do just feel like a….

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Amanda Shoemaker

Seattle, WA
Nikon D7000

You are a self-confessed forest dweller. How do you think that helps you capture nature so intimately? Tell us about your experience with nature so far.

I have lived in Western Washington my whole life. Here in the more urban areas of Washington, it’s easy to forget the natural world around you. When I started doing photography, I began to notice things that many people forgot or simply didn’t take the time to appreciate. Photography definitely brought me closer to nature and I’m glad that it did. I feel at peace in the forest so I find myself going there often. I love to explore and I love to go on road trips to see all of the different landscapes Washington has to offer. There is a certain energy that the dark forests of Washington emit and I want to capture that. I want others to experience what I experience from being there. This connection that I have and the feelings that are created while being alone there are definitely a direct inspiration towards the intimate images I create.

Tumblr: @autumns-aurora
Flickr: @bloodbirds
Instagram: @birchwhite


Biggest question of the week: Where can I buy a soft, majority wool, decently heavy (but not extremely heavy) winter coat that is stylish and is preferably less than $200?

Second biggest question of the week: Why is it 75ish degrees outside today?? 

forget Burberry, look at these jackets… 

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Conspiracies are definitely a white boy culture thing because women and poc don’t have to imagine an elaborate scenario in which the government fucks us over.